Erica Phillips

name Erica Phillips owns and operates Pink Payroll, serving the U.S. out of San Diego, California.

Erica Phillips is a graduate in Business Administration from San Diego State University. She has received honors for volunteer work, including a Congressional Medal presented in Washington, DC. After positions as a marketing executive at Carnation (Nestle SA) and other corporate marketing, finance and sales positions, she has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years.

She advises businesses on marketing, finance and budgeting as it relates to payroll and business services.

Top 5 Mistakes Payroll Processors and Bookkeepers Make

13th August 2009
Here are the Top 5 Mistakes Payroll Processors Make, and how you can avoid the penalties and pitfalls that can happen to unfortunate business owners. Choosing a Payroll Processing Company, or your internal Payroll Bookkeeper is a serious task. The amount... Read >